7 Unusual Wine Barrel Art for Alert Famous Results

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wine barrel stave crafts

7 Unusual Wine Barrel Stave Crafts for Alert Famous Results


Who does not love wine? I am sure there would not be many. Even self-proclaimed teetotalers admit to having a penchant for wine. 

Such is the taste of wine that it ends up alluring everyone. It is not about the fermented juice from the grapes. But the entire activity around wine-making is ethereal. 

Be it the cultivation of grapes. Crushing them. Fermenting the grape juice. Then storing it in barrels. And then extracting oils from the leftover grape seeds

Furthermore, the wine tasting process is another school of art in itself. 

The entire process surrounding wine making is beautiful and interesting. 

I have been fortunate to have visited a winery in Nashik – Sula. 

Visiting Sula evoked in me a fascination for the wine barrels. Most of the furniture at their pub and restaurant was from wine barrels. That choice of decor gave the place a vintage theme. It looked pretty and attractive. 

I so wished to have a piece from wine barrel stave crafts from Sula to end up at my house. But they have not yet made their customized wine barrel furniture commercial. They use it at their own premises and do not sell it. 


Sula wine barrel stave crafts furniture

Wine barrel stave crafts at Sula, Nashik

It has been a long time since I visited Sula vineyards. Living in a dry state, I only get to order their grapeseed oil online. But if they come up with the sale of their wine barrel stave crafts, I will queue up. 

My quest for elegant wine barrel stave art got me into writing this article. Over the years, I curated a list of barrel stave projects that I would love to buy myself. If you also have a fascination for unique wooden furniture. Then you too will find them interesting.


7 Remarkable and Beautiful Wine Barrel Stave Crafts for You


1.     Wine Barrel Stave Bistro Chair

This one is my favorite amongst the entire wine barrel stave crafts. I found a similar chair at Sula, that is why I love this one. 

A mere glance of this chair takes me to a countryside retreat. 

The dimensions of the chair are: 36-inches (height) x 15-inches (width) x 18-inches (seat height from top). 

The rustic appeal of this hand crafted chair is reminiscent of the vintage era. Strips of white oak wine barrel staves make up its body. Thus it is sturdy with a weight of 16 pounds. 

Deep red stains due to the wine storage add to its charm. Though some of it has lightened with the sanding process. 

This recycled wine barrel furniture piece is a great addition to a patio set. 

Price: USD 375.00


2.     Wine Barrel Stave Wine Rack

If you are looking out for a unique wine barrel stave crafts for wine storage.Then, this is it. 

This wine rack has 2 wine barrel staves at the front to prevent bottles from falling. While its base structure is of reclaimed barn wood. 

The dimensions of the rack are: 36-inches (length) x 18-inches (height). 

Stained in English Chestnut, this wine rack will make a graceful addition to your home bar. 

The rack includes 2 mounted hooks on back. The hooks are 16-inches apart from each other and come with 2 screws. So, there is no need to purchase additional hardware. This rack is ready to use as soon as it arrives your door. 

Steel banding at both the ends secures the bottles. Moreover, on the bottom, you can hang up to 6 wine glasses. Also, the 5-inches shelf on top is an added bonus. That shelf can hold all your favorite wine accessories. Though you can flex your creative muscles, and place some wine related decor art there as well. 

Price: USD 125.00

3.     Wine Barrel Stave American Flag

When wine and patriotism combine, you get this flag. Staves from French and American oak wine barrels form the base of this handmade flag. 

The American flag is hand-painted by the artist – Monte Martella. She also signs this piece at the lower right corner for authenticity. 

The barrels for this flag come from the Napa and Livermore valleys. 

White and blue colors of the flag complement the merlot red base of the staves. 

While its dimensions are: 37-inches (length) x 3-inches (width) x 28-inches (height). 

The flag is a beautiful patriotic cover for your empty walls. Also, with its rustic appeal, it is unique and eye catching. 

Price: USD 399.00


4.     Wine Barrel Stave Towel Rack

This handmade art takes your love for wine to the deep corners of your abode. Since this is a towel rack from wine barrel staves, it finds a place in your bathroom. 

The towel rack has 6 cradles in dark black. That goes well with the stave’s beautiful English Chestnut stain. Though, the artist can also tan them to a dark Espresso on request. 

The dimensions of this rack are: 29-inches (height) x 10-inches (width). 

It has hooks on its rear, and wall anchors to hang. You can use this towel rack as soon as it arrives at your place. 


Price: USD 120.00


5.     Rustic Wine Barrel Stave Chandelier

If you got a fascination for handmade lamps, then this one will excite you. It is one of the most distinctive wine barrel stave crafts. 

It is a huge and rustic handmade pendant light. Tall ceilings and long entry ways will look vibrant with this lamp. 

Made from reclaimed barrel staves and hoops, it fills up warm and soft light anywhere. Both the staves and hoops are of best quality. They are further sealed to lock in their distinctive color and appeal. 

It hangs from 3 feet of heavy duty steel chain. 

The dimensions of this light are: 32-inches (height) x 26-inches (width). It weighs 35 pounds. 

The artist can customize the chandelier to any of the 4 colors – from dark walnut, honey, golden oak, and natural.

In its middle lies an adjustable UL rated pendant light with hand blown glass. This chandelier includes an Edison bulb too, so you do not need to buy one. But the entire chandelier structure requires professional installation. Its size and weight can become difficult for a novice to install.  


Price: USD 699.42

6.     Wine Barrel Stave Bottle Opener

Bottle openers that catch bottle caps like magic are a rage these days. A hidden magnet laid underneath the wall stacked opener does the trick. 

As long as bottles have metal caps, such automated trash collecting openers will work. 

This handmade bottle opener is one such art made of wine barrel staves. So, erstwhile the staves collected wine, and now they collect bottle caps. 

The dimensions of this opener are: 10-inches (length) x 4-inches (width). 

The artist made it from a chunk of reclaimed staves. He imprints a unique design of an elk at the opener’s top location. The burned design in the wood gives it a distinctive handmade flair. 


Price: USD 34.95


7.     Wine Barrel Stave Tea-lights Holder

Looking for some aromatherapy? Well, get it delivered from the most enchanting wine barrel stave crafts – a tea-lights holder. 

The staves are from the Napa Valley. The piece can hold 7 tea-lights/ votives. The natural arc of staves gives it a beautiful distinctiveness. 

Its dimensions are: 36-inches (length) x 4-inches (height) x 3-inches (width). 

It is available in 3 colors – natural, dark walnut, and red mahogany. You can make a selection as per your existing decor preferences. 

The artist ships this stave votive holder with 7 glass votive holders. The tea-lights or candles are not included with the wine barrel stave candle holder

Adding a little grapeseed oil to the lights will set the mood for some serious wine tasting. 


Price: USD 95.00


In Conclusion 

Creating of handmade crafts does not need a particular inspiration. A true handmade artist can craft almost anything out of anything. 

These 7 wine barrel stave projects prove this point well. From furniture to a flag, they make a beautiful addition to your home decor. 

These handmade masterpieces are a wine connoisseur’s dream come true. Who thought that a storage cavity can turn into such beautiful art. For each piece, sturdiness comes inherited from the strong barrels. Thus each buy will last for years to come.    


Image Source : Pixabay

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