7 Interesting Harry Potter Art That Will Surprise You

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harry potter handmade

Harry Potter Handmade art that is interesting

I got a confession to make. I have not read a single book from Harry Potter series. 

This admission is enough for any Harry Potter fan to boycott me. 

But I have read 1/5th of the The Cuckoo’s Calling. Reading another genre by the author of Harry Potter does not qualify as any metrics. 

Being an avid reader. But never read any Harry Potter is a crime in reading circles. I am guilty of my crimes and I accept them in all my senses. 

The reason for my not reading any of Harry Potter books is a personal one. 

I have huge respect for J. K. Rowling. My aim is to be successful like her in my writing career. But by no means, I want her influence in my writing. 

This may sound funny a reason to not read a book. But that is a trait with me. 

When I admire someone. I tend to mimic them. 

For an instance, after reading Our Lady of Alice Bhatti. I fell in love with Mohammed Hanif and his writing style. I started writing the way he does. Started reading what he claims to be reading. In fact, I even went to him and told him that I love him. 

Yes, that sounds hilarious. Well, I have done the same with Gregory David Roberts too.

So, to save me and my family of further embarrassment. I avoided every book in the Harry Potter family. 

The thriller by miss Rowling was a gift by a friend. So, I started reading it. But the moment I began to develop a passionate feeling towards the writings in the book. I hid it in my store room to suppress the feelings lest they turned to obsession. 

So, that is how I prevented myself from becoming a Potterhead. But I got friends who are Potter crazy. 

I like their enthusiasm while narrating the scenes from the series. Many of them love to disclose how many times they have read the entire series. 

So, for those magic book lover friends of mine. I came up with a list of curated Harry Potter handmade gifts. 

7 Interesting Harry Potter Handmade Craft That Will Surprise You

1.     Harry Potter Quotes and Sayings Art Prints

Art prints of the popular quotes from the book make wonderful Harry Potter wall decor

With 8 x 10-inch dimensions on 0.01-inch thick paper. These bold prints on a white Fuji Crystal Archive paper have a minimalist theme. 

You get 4 paper prints of 4 different popular quotes from the series. They do not include frames. Thus, you get the flexibility to get them wooden/ steel/ metal frames as per your choice. 

Price: USD 19.96

2.     Ministry Of Magic Bathroom Toilet Decal Sticker

Art is not limited to the living room. It can find a place in your bathroom as well. 

Ministry of Magic bathroom toilet seat cover fulfills that purpose. It is a parody art that will brighten up your daily regime. 

The decal is Oracal 651 vinyl in a rectangular sheet. The dimensions are – 7(length) x 7.5(width). 

The art is in bold black on a white vinyl. You can stick the decal on your toilet seat by peeling its back sticker. If bubbles form, then, flatten the surface with a ruler. Though, you also get a free 2-inch Deathly Hallows decal to test the sticking activity. That is helpful in case you goof up.

Price: USD 9.98

3.     Couples Pillowcases with Harry Potter quotes

After living room and bathroom. It is time to spread some magic to your bedroom. 

These pillow cases with the popular quotes from Harry’s world are perfect for couples. 

“After all this time?” and “Always” are from Dumbledore and Snape. But somehow they seem apt for couples in love. 

The other reasons to grab these pillowcases are:

  • Made from 100% cotton 300 thread count
  • 9 (length) x 5 (height) x 6 (width) inch
  • Perfect for standard/ queen size beds
  • The quotes are in black bold. They are screen printed on white high-quality soft pillow cases 

Price: USD 33.00

4.     Harry Potter theme fondant cookie cutter and stamp

I once dabbled into making a Harry Potter theme diary for a Potter fan. Hand painting Harry’s silhouette on the stationery was a difficult task. 

I wish I had discovered this cookie cutter and stamp then. 

This cutter and stamp duo is great to mark Harry’s impression anywhere and everywhere. 

It is of food safe biodegradable PLA plastic. Thus, suitable for cookie doughs and fondants. Though, they will work for all kinds of craft related Harry Potter DIY projects as well. 

Their outer diameter is a little more than 3-inches. The cutter gives the circle shape. While the stamp gives Harry’s forehead and characteristic scar.  

Price: USD 2.99

5.     Butterbeer candles with Harry Potter quotes

Are you fond of sweet smelling candles? Do you love Harry Potter? 

Then, you will like this twin set of candles with quotes from the book. 

There are 7 quotes to chose from. You can pick any 2 of your favorites. 

The options are:

  • levi-OH-sa (Quote)
  • Mudblood and proud of it (Quote)
  • 9 ¾ (Quote)
  • Lumos (Quote)
  • Deathly Hallows (Image)
  • Hogwarts (Image)
  • Chosen One (Silhouette Image of Harry)

Each 10-ounce candle comes in a glass jar. The weight of the candle wax along with the jar is 12-ounces. The jar has a wooden lid to safeguard both the aroma and the wax. 

The candle is handmade with natural soy wax and a cotton wick. 

The peculiar Butterbeer aroma is from essential oils. 

These candles contain no phthalates or harmful chemicals in fragrance. It also got no presence of color dyes. 

Each one burns for about 70-75 hours. The accompanying glass jar is reusable as a container once the wax burns out.

The candles arrive in a tan muslin bag packed in a small kraft box. 

There is an option to include a special message if you gift these candles to someone. 

For a great Hogwarts teleporting experience. You can soak in the aroma of these natural candles while reading the book. 

Price: USD 35.00

6.     Harry Potter glasses Bookmark

It goes without a mention that Harry Potter lovers are fond of reading. This bookmark is apt for them. 

In fact, this bookmark will pass on some magic to other books as well. 

Who would not adore these cute glasses popping out from a stacked bibliotheca? 

This unique harry potter handmade bookmark is laser cut from a metal sheet. 

It is 6.8-inches long. It is given its shape, polished and powder coated with hands. A glossy dark black paint gives it a shining appeal. 

Price: USD 19.99

7.     Bottle Opener with a characteristic Harry Potter quote

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” is a prerequisite to open the Marauder’s Map. 

This quote on a handmade bottle opener cannot do the same. 

But it can signal some onset of mischief to a house party. 

The opener is of stainless steel, thus will not rust with time. Its material is professional grade. The quote is laser engraved on its surface. 

It is a must possess item for a die-hard Potter fan. 

Price: USD 12.99 

In Conclusion

You should gift people what they like. So, if you are sure that your friend is a Potter fan. Then, the items from this list will not disappoint them. 

In fact, it will delight them. Each product is unique and not the usual run-of-the-mill kinds. 

From the art prints of popular quotes of the book. To interesting home decor art that takes inspiration from its series. This article introduces a variety of Harry Potter handmade art to cheer the book lover. 

With the popularity that the book enjoys. I am sure the gifts will be good for those who have not read the book too. You can always try and check their reaction when they receive the gifts.

Image Source : Pixabay

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