How to get revolutionary with handmade wall hanging with paper

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How to get revolutionary with handmade wall hanging with paper

How to get revolutionary with handmade wall hanging with paper


A home decor signifies the respective home dweller. Walls are a major element of a decor. They depict the attitude and preferences of the homeowners. Thus, the way you style them talks a lot about your own panache. 

I am yet to find someone who approves of plain walls. I get the idea of a minimalist approach. But that does not mean boring. 

Coloring the walls does make them beautiful. But then, there are limitations to it. Dramatic wall colors with textures are expensive. The process is cumbersome too. Also, if you are living in a rented property. Then, you cannot even think about coloring the walls. 

This leaves wall hangings as the second best option to decorate your walls.

No, the first one is not coloring the walls. Handmade wall hanging with paper is the No. 1 option to revolutionize your home. 

Below is a list of wall hanging options for home decor. Each of the options is paper-made. Also, they are handmade. Have a look at them to decide if they suit your style.


5 beautiful handmade wall hanging with paper


     1.     Dictionary wall art


If you got a love for reading and felines. Then, this handmade wall hanging with paper is for you. 

This art form revives haggard pages of a dictionary. Picture of a cute kitten on a dictionary page is a beautiful combination. 

Colored kitty drawn on a sepia tone dictionary page is sure to brighten even the most mundane of walls.  

This art form is a testament to the love of reading, and cats both. 

The caption on the picture is apt for someone with a feline that has a mind of their own. Though, if you do not have a kitten friend. The caption will suit you well too. 

The details of the art include:

  • Height – 11 inches
  • Width – 8.5 inches
  • Material – Paper
  • Printing – Matte ink
  • Frame – not included


In addition. The shipping method involves securing the sheet of paper in plastic sleeves. That way the design remains flat and protected. 

Price – USD 9.99


2.     Paper quilling wall art



If you have seen some quilling art. Then, you know how awesome colored coils of paper look. 

Though jewelery is the most common application of paper quilling. But the same art form finds several other applications as well. 

Handmade wall hanging crafts are yet another use of paper quilling art. 

This art piece is “Shy Girl”. The blue delicate eyelashes depict her shy status. 

Paper strips of 3 mm width form the face. While the adjoining roses in the background are of 8 mm paper. 

The entire framework of face and flowers gives a rich effect to a decor. 

Quilling strips are hand rolled with a 4 ppm thickness. Moreover, the art piece uses nontoxic glue. Also, the art form is both handmade and homemade. Thus, it is not subjected to dust and smoke, unlike industrial mass produced projects.  

Moreover, this particular one is a refreshing change to the usual women portraits.  

Further details:

  • Height – 11.8 inches
  • Width – 11.8 inches
  • Thickness – 1.2 inches
  • Shipping weight – 8.8 ounces
  • Material – Paper art framed
  • Frame – a wooden frame with a glass cover


Price – USD 90.00


     3.     Paper handmade lamp



How about having a beautiful and intricate lamp hanging on your wall? Well, if the lamp is handmade with Korean mulberry paper. Then, your wall will look stunning. 

This lamp gives off soft and comforting light through a special Korean paper, Hanji. 

The lamp includes a ceiling pendant lighting cord kit. Though, you can adhere it to your wall as well. 

When stuck to the wall. The lamp will cast a beautiful display of lights in the form of leaves. 

This utility art piece involves a tedious handmade manufacturing process. The tree motif will uplift the mood and ambiance of even the dullest of rooms. 

The details of the handmade lamp include:

  • Height – 11.8 inches
  • Width – 7.9 inches
  • Thickness – 7.9 inches
  • Shipping weight – 2.1 pounds
  • Material – Korean handmade paper, Hanji
  • Lighting cord kit included (no bulb)


Price – USD 99.99


     4.     Handmade paper butterflies


What forms a beautiful room decoration with paper cuttings?


Golden butterflies with a vintage appeal. 

This art form includes an elegant troop of 16 butterflies. 

Be it an occasion of wedding, anniversary or an engagement. The assortment of butterflies brings in a royal decorative appeal to any wall. 

They will go well with occasions of the baby shower too. Moreover, their adhesive base is reusable. Thus, you can use them for future events such as your little one’s birthday. 

Due to their graceful appeal. They can adorn your walls even when there is no special occasion.  

The details of the handmade paper butterflies include:

  • Width – 1.3 – 4.5 inches (varied sizes)
  • Color – Metallic gold
  • Material – Gold card stock acid-free paper, and metallic foil
  • Number – 16
  • Includes adhesive tabs for easy attachment


Price – USD 18.00


5.     DIY Wall Hanging Paper Photo Frame


Memories bring cheer and happiness to life. One of the best ways to bring memories to life is through pictures. 

What if you could display memorable pictures in a simple yet spectacular way? 

Forget traditional wooden glass frames. Bring in paper photo frames. They display your pictures in a more innovative way. 

Rectangle frame holds the pictures well. Cute colorful clips add to the fashion quotient. While a string holds everything together.  

Be an unforgettable trip. Or a family gala event. Beautiful memories deserve this creative wall hanging the handmade paper frame. 

The details of the handmade photo frame include: 

  • Material – Paper
  • Number – 7 photo frames
  • Inner frame Size – 11cm*8cm
  • Outer frame size – 15.4cm*11.3cm
  • Shape – Rectangle
  • Includes 7 pieces of photo frames; 7 pieces of different colored clips; and a 190 cm long rope
  • Shipping weight – 2.4 ounces
  • Shipping weight – 2.9 ounces


Price – USD 3.10


In Conclusion:


If you have a preference for a motif. Or, if you wish to bring some memories to life. Then, an art on the wall is one of the best ways to fuse art with a personal sense of style. 

Stick on wall art is popular these days. But it cannot transfer from one wall to another. Even if you try to transfer it. It is a cumbersome process. 

In comparison, a paper art for wall decoration is a better option. 

A handmade wall hanging with paper is a creative means for home decor. It looks beautiful. It does not cost much. Plus, you can remove it whenever you wish to. 

This article curates a handful of creative options to help you figure out a selection. Each option is handmade and original. 

The fine detailing in each will make you spellbound. Pick up one to fancy your walls and the art curator in you.  


Image Source : Pixabay

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