7 selected cute birdhouse designs in the world

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cute birdhouse designs

7 selected cute birdhouse designs in the world


Being a millennial. Growing up years were fun. 

Instead of fiddling with gaming apps. I and my younger sister ran around trees. The birds fascinated us. We both spent our summer vacations discovering bird eggs in bushes. 

Birds meant any flying feathered living creatures. Sparrows, bulbuls, doves, pigeons, parrots and partridges. 

We both cared for the wounded sparrows. Nursed them back to health. Provided bird food and water for them in clay pots. 

We would watch the parrots munching off ripe corn in our vegetable garden. At times, the parrots camouflaged with the corn leaves. Then, it was their peculiar parrot chirrups that helped us locate them. 

Spreading out bread crumbs on our large verandah lured the sparrows. Their cute pecking followed their hop. All the while they displayed their pleasure of eating food with soft squeaks. 

Thinking about those memories, I feel good. There is so much to share about adventures of growing up with friends. 

Though, at times I do think for the birds too. 

If there were some proper bird houses for them. Then, I and my sister would have been able to provide better care. Instead of makeshift houses in cardboard boxes. Our feathered friends would have had their proper abodes.    

These days I get to see a lot of beautiful and cute birdhouse designs

They are creative, and high on utility for the avians. 

I curated a list of 7 most cute birdhouse designs in the world. Read more to know about them. 

These 7 unusual cute birdhouse designs will surprise you


     1.     Birds in beard birdhouse

cute birdhouse designs - bearded elf

Bearded birdhouse

Do you recall the “There was an Old Man with a Beard” poem? As a kid. I had fantasies of meeting such an old man with birds in his beard. 

A bird perching on your shoulder is cute. 

Though more cute is to have a lot of birds living with you all the time. 

This cute birdhouse is a cue from that poem. An old man with a long flowing beard has an elf appeal. The structure’s open and surprised mouth works as an entry hole for birds. 

Quality resin material forms the sturdy structure. It is then hand-painted to give a woodcraft appeal. Hence, it appears heavy. Though is light-weight. 

It measures 7.25-inch wide x 14-inch tall x 4.5-inch depth. While it weighs 1.7 pounds. 

The birdhouse has a prominent hole at its posterior. That hole helps in mounting the structure to a wall or a tree with ease. 

Then, sit back and wait for the birds to arrive. If you are lucky. You might get to see 2 owls, a hen, 4 larks and a wren.


Price: USD 23.35


     2.     Camper trailer birdhouse

cute birdhouse designs - RV camper theme

RV Camper Trailer birdhouse

Are you a camping enthusiast? Then, this cute birdhouse is for you. Birds perching around an RV family deserve their personal camper trailer. 

This birdhouse has a camper trailer design with a teardrop theme. Hand painted red color with a garden motif adds to its nature loving appeal. 

It measures 2.5-inch wide x 7.5-inch tall x 4.0-inch depth. It weighs 0.9 pounds. 

The structure is of Polystone material. A rope hanger lets the birdhouse hang in your garden or backyard. 

Though, it is even better if you carry it along on your camping trips. That is one of the best cute birdhouse designs that defines your free traveling spirit. 


Price: USD 24.99


     3.     Moss birdhouse

cute birdhouse designs - tear shaped moss design

Moss birdhouse


This birdhouse is closest to a natural abode a feathered friend can dream of. Its moss vine teardrop structure will catch their fancy. Also, they might end up thanking humans for easing their burden. 

The product is durable. It is also tested for outdoor conditions. It has a beautiful lush green color. Though, due to the exposure to Sun. The natural moss can turn brown and resemble hay. But that will not cause any utility or safety issues for the aves. 

Dimensions of the birdhouse are 8-inch wide x 12-inch tall x 8-inch depth. It weighs 2.03 pounds.


Price: USD 34.56


     4.     Handmade birdhouse made with Felt

cute birdhouse designs - nest wool felt

Cozy birdhouse made with 100% wool felt

This is a warm house for your birds. It resembles a nest. But for sure it is a colorful one. 

Birds will love a cozy ambiance inside this birdhouse. Since it is in felt from natural sheep wool. 

You can hand clean it with ease as well. 

Its dimensions are 6-inch wide x 20-inch tall x 5-inch depth. It is lightweight with 0.3 pounds. 

This birdhouse is a handmade craft from women in Nepal. So, the moment you enjoy the entry of beautiful birds in this one. Make sure you think of that hilly nation and their talented women.


Price: USD 19.99


     5.     Windmill birdhouse

cute birdhouse designs - windmill woodcraft

Windmill birdhouse

Don Quixote is one of my favorite classics. My fascination for windmills emerged from the same book. 

So, consider this birdhouse special. 

The appeal of a windmill enchants. Furthermore, the birds can enjoy play time on the windmill blades. 

The birdhouse measures 6.25-inch wide x 9.75-inch tall x 4.75-inch depth. It weighs 1.8 pounds. 

Its structure is of superior quality wood and tin. The foundation structure is hand painted with a green mint color. While the blades are in gray. A thatched roof gives a nice farm style appeal to the birdhouse. 

It has a removable back panel. Thus, making it easy to clean.


Price: USD 15.04


     6.     Blue Bird birdhouse

cute birdhouse designs - bluebird resin theme

Sparrow theme birdhouse

The population of sparrows is on a decline. Blame it on the climate change. 

Though whatever may be the reason for their disappearance. It is sad that the cute hopping bird is on the verge of extension. 

So, whenever I see a sparrow. I cannot help not looking at them. 



This birdhouse in a shape of a sparrow is a reminder to preserve this cutie. It is a hand painted resin structure. 

The dimensions are – 6.25-inch wide x 9.25-inch tall x 7-inch depth. It weighs 1.4 pounds. 

Moreover, the birdhouse has a detachable base. That helps with the cleaning. 

I cannot wait to see a real sparrow peeking out from this sparrow theme birdhouse. That would be a delight to watch for sure.


Price: USD 27.95


     7.     Bed and Breakfast birdhouse

cute birdhouse design - bed and breakfast theme

Bed and Breakfast birdhouse design

This one is a cute birdhouse designs of all. 

The bed and breakfast tag along with the small ladder add to its creative appeal. 

It is a woodcraft structure. Its craftsmanship makes it appear like a miniature model of an actual log cabin. 

The dimensions are – 5.0-inch wide x 9.0-inch tall x 5-inch depth. It weighs 1.0 pound. 

A sturdy hook at its top facilitates hanging. Though the structure’s flat base allows you to keep it on a heightened stand as well. 

It would be great to see birds using this birdhouse for their travel adventures. I wish to see a pair of birds perching on the patio attached with this birdhouse.


Price: USD 34.00


In Conclusion:


Anyone who loves birds would want a house for their feathered friends. 

A dedicated birdhouse instills confidence in aves to use it for safe breeding. 

This article helps the bird lover in you to select cute birdhouse designs. 

Instead of coming up with your own DIY birdhouse plans. You can cherry pick any from the above list. 

The birds will love it. Also, the birdhouses will add beauty to your home too. 

Installing a birdhouse is one of the best ways to welcome nature. 

Place one at your place. Then, sip your coffee and enjoy the twitter. I mean the natural one. 



Image Source : Pixabay

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